Date: 24/11/2020

AmChamps 007 – Sales and buyer orientation

The sixth webinar allowed AmChamps 007 participants to talk to Svetoslav Atanasov, General Manager of Coca-Cola Hellenic (CCH), about how businesses emphasise sales and buyer orientation.

The first part of the talk was dedicated to an introduction of CCH and its social and economic footprint in Serbia, followed by a presentation of the company’s beverages portfolio, from bottled water, to tea, energy drinks, fruit juices, to alcoholic beverages. Svetoslav outlined his 21-year career at CCH and spoke about the positions he occupied at the firm. He then advised AmChamps not to forget their roots and look at things from a variety of perspectives. Svetoslav reminded the participants that growth was never fast but was always worth the wait and emphasised the importance of collaboration and taking on responsibility. The webinar then heard about the CCH’s buyer orientation and the impact of Covid-19. The event closed with a discussion that allowed the participants to ask any questions that interested them.