Date: 19/11/2020

AmChamps 007 – 50 dinars for the excuses jar (or, Why I’m raising my son to be a salesman)

The webinar took place on 19 November online with the participation of Peđa Jovanović, Senior Partner at Atria Group and NLP Master Trainer, mentor and coach with a wealth of international experience.

The talk focused on understanding the importance of taking responsibility for everything that happens to us on the road to complete personal freedom, progress, success, and motivation. Using a number of highly specific examples from both his personal life and career, Peđa highlighted the importance of understanding oneself and being ready not just to take responsibility for actions leading to a particular outcome, but also to look at the broader picture and take responsibility for the final outcome. He also spoke about how people were often ready to invoke collective responsibility, and that as a professional coach working with teams of successful managers he had often heard them say ‘we’ were responsible for the company’s success, which in his view constituted a lack of personal responsibility. He also noted sales was a profession that did not tolerate excuses, and gave the participants an interesting piece of advice for understanding their actions and starting to take responsibility for the outcomes of their actions: every time you make an excuse, put 50 dinars in a special jar, and doing so will quickly show how often you reach for an excuse instead of working responsibly to achieve your goals.