Date: 01/12/2020

AmChamps 007 – Business Plans

The latest activity for participants in the AmChamps 007 programme was an online presentation on business plans. The topic was explained by officers of MSD, Nebojša Škuljec, Managing Director, Nataša Jovanović, Busines Unit Lead, Sandra Marinković, External Affairs Lead, Jasmina Maksić, Business Unit Lead, Jelena Panić, Business Practice Manager, Ana Rokvić, Busines Unit Lead, and Sandra Balić, HR Lead.

MSD is an innovative global leader in the healthcare sector, committed to enhancing health and welfare of people throughout the world by deploying novel solutions in the areas of medications, vaccines, biological therapy, and veterinary medicine. In Serbia, MSD is also committed to addressing social issues through its philanthropic and socially responsible initiatives. The presentation allowed AmChamps to better understand the Serbian pharmaceuticals sector and how business plans are developed for introducing new products into the Serbian market. Each presenter gave an overview of a segment of MSD’s business, with Nebojša focusing on the company and its tradition, Sandra Balić highlighting MSD employment policies, Nataša dealing with innovation and its importance in the pharmaceuticals industry, Sandra Marinković discussing the availability of MSD’s innovative medications, Jasmina covering the topic of promoting medications, and Jelena and Ana focusing on ethics and improving treatments for patients.