Date: 06/12/2021

Erste Bank launches educational online game aimed at schoolkids

App aims to help children learn about finance while having fun

Erste Bank’s new educational mobile game, Čuvari Zmajevog blaga (Guardians of the Dragon’s Hoard), seeks to help children – and their parents – learn how to be responsible with their money.

The game is aimed at younger primary school age children and is based on the book of the same name published by Kreativni Centar. Playing with the Dragon character, the children will learn about key financial concepts and skills such as saving, price to value ratio, and managing personal finances.

The app is part of #ErsteZnali, a wide-ranging programme of financial assistance now offered by Erste Banka for three years in a bid to broaden knowledge of all who would like to better understand this area and make informed financial decisions.

‘In creating this game, we wanted to familiarise children with financial concepts in a way they would find fun and approachable and help them learn how to be responsible with their money. If we want future generations to be more successful than we have been and to navigate the world of finance more easily, we have to give them all the support we can and help them learn about these issues in ways they find convenient. All of us, parents, teachers, and carers, must be involved in financial education, as must the financial institutions themselves. We are pleased to be able to extend the reach of this important programme, just as we have done now by launching this game for kids’, said Marija Mutić, Co-ordinator for the ErsteZnali programme at Erste Bank Serbia.

‘Čuvari Zmajevog blaga has shown us we can approach a serious issue such as financial literacy in a fun way. Games are the best way to reach kids, and may spark conversations between parents and children about these important issues and help adults convey their own experiences and habits of managing household budgets. It’s important to note we consulted psychologists, educational specialists, and parents throughout the development of the game’, said Dragica Mujković, author of Čuvari Zmajevog blaga and Head of Communications at Erste Banka.

The game is available free of charge from Google Play and Apple App Store.