Date: 17/12/2021

Galenika head of finance wins CFO of the Year award

The accolade was presented by Deloitte and Serbian CFO Association

Galenika CFO Nenad Mijailović was declared Serbia’s first Chief Financial Officer of the Year in a ceremony hosted by Deloitte and the Serbian CFO Association. Mr Mijailović now joins the running for the South-Eastern Europe CFO of the Year award, where he will compete against fellow CFOs from Croatia, Slovenia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

‘This award is both an acknowledgment of the results the Galenika team has made over the past four years and a great personal honour for myself. I thank the organisers and hope this year’s first best CFO award will grow to be a tradition that will celebrate transparent corporate governance and encourage colleagues to engage in continuous professional development’, said Nenad Mijailović.

The CFO of the Year award recognises success and projects managed by the CFO as part of the finance function and is measured by the results achieved by the CFO’s company due to those activities. This initiative promotes the importance of transparent corporate governance and is a way of enhancing economic performance in general and improving the investment climate, thereby strengthening the economy. Apart from honouring those at the top of their profession, Deloitte and the Serbian CFO Association aim to raise awareness of the growing significance of professional corporate financial management and the value a good CFO can bring to companies and shareholders.