Date: 22/07/2006

Leading the Change with a Business Agenda

Since its appointment, the Board has initiated a new course in the development of the AmCham organization, investing new energy and resources on the growing expectation that AmCham can play a leading role in supporting the reform process in Serbia and in transitioning the Country towards the Euro-Atlantic Union.


An Extraordinary AssemblyMeeting was held on July 13 and was kicked off by the AmCham President EugenioSidoli presenting a report on the Board's activities in their first four monthsof action. Focusing the report on the main strategic areas - SupportingChange, Voice our Vision, Share Experiences and Strengthen our Network -AmCham President covered the progress in each area and introduced the audienceto the next steps that the organization will make to achieve the goals agreedby the Board and the membership.

The presentation included a feedback on the Board's meetings with the members,an up-date on the dialogue established with key government ministries, theintroduction of the new Executive Director Bojana Vukasinovic and the activities aimed at raising thepublic awareness of AmCham in the Serbian media scene.

"There is a very strong business agenda behind what we do and we very muchbelieve that we are contributing enormously to the progress of this country;individually and as a group we have a very strong critical mass", Sidolistated urging members to take a more proactive role in the work of theorganization

Amendments to the constitution

Patricia Gannon, Secretary Treasurer, presented on behalf of the Board a set ofthree suggested amendments to the AmCham Constitution to be voted on.

Firstly, the dissolution of Union called for aname change of the organization. Members voted unanimously for the name tochange to "American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia".

Secondly, members voted unanimously in favor of the annulment of the article onproxy voting. Participation to the Assembly is a critical duty in the life ofthe association and cannot be delegated.

Thirdly, on the proposal to establish two new membership categories (NGO andMedia) holding voting rights but restricted to run for positions of the Board,the Assembly decided to postpone the decision and allow for some morediscussion.

A participated Q&A session on the strategies concluded the meeting.