Our lecturers and trainers are leading business professionals who offer an unique package of knowledge, expertise and experience, therefore shaping the very future of the business community.

Meet AmChamps lecturers and trainers, find out about their background, field of interest and what advice they would give to our young leaders in change.



Boris Bočvarski, Tack & TMI external trainer and permanent member of the Generali Academy training team, has been developing and conducting trainings on topics such as: time management, project management, analytical thinking and decision-making, risk management, change management, team facilitation, for four years. performance management and feedback. In his work so far, he has created several trainings and training curricula, as well as programs for the development of managers within the company Generali Insurance.
Boris's coaching work and training are based on many years of work as a project manager and consultant in the design, implementation and monitoring of projects. He further improved his managerial experience as a portfolio manager of the international SOS Children's Villages Foundation, where he was responsible for providing financial resources through project applications, communication with investors and monitoring of all projects within the organization.



Borislav Miljanović completed his undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Law, and his master's and doctoral degrees in communication science at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade. Before turning to PR, he worked as a journalist and editor in numerous media houses for more than 10 years. He founded the PR department of BK Group and was the first Communications Manager for N.K.V.

Crown Prince Alexander II. Borislav founded Represent Communications (formerly McCann Erickson Public Relations), which grew into a Represent System with agencies in Belgrade, Podgorica, Skopje, Sarajevo and Banja Luka. He also founded the website and magazine Bizlife, the production studio The Content Studio, the digital advertising agency Native Network, as Digital Element, a platform for analyzing Internet content. Represent System agencies specialize in business communication and customer support.

He is the founder and lecturer of the London Regional School of Public Relations, which has so far been attended by 28 generations of communication experts. Borislav is the winner of numerous awards and recognitions, such as the award for personal contribution in the field of communications "Srdjan Đurić", which is awarded by the Serbian Public Relations Association and the regional award for contribution to the development of PR in Southeast Europe - Pro.PR. From the beginning of his career, he remains committed to the implementation of the latest technologies in the field of communications.



Mr. Savić is currently the Director of Ball Packaging Europe Belgrade doo, responsible for the operational results of BPE in Southeast Europe. He joined BPE in 2004 as a construction coordinator in Ball Belgrade and continues to develop his career as technical director and production director of BPE Belgrade. His main areas of interest are human resource development, promotion of modern production culture, technology and support for initiatives to improve the local business environment.



Dragan is an entrepreneur and leader with over 25 years of experience. He is the founder and president of the AIGO Group, which includes several companies in the field of IT: the largest company AIGO, which creates innovative IT solutions for establishing and maintaining an efficient integrated business system in the Serbian market and Atom partner distribution company that officially distributes computer equipment, consumer electronics, mobile telephones in the Western Balkans. Also, AIGO owns 20 percent of the shares of the start-up company Yolo Book, which supports the development of new ideas and innovations in business.
He builds the mission and vision of his companies bravely, through a set of different skills and knowledge, recognizing market opportunities, setting new goals, carefully selecting associates who today make up a team of almost 200 employees and experts who strive for mutual success with the same enthusiasm. AIGO has undergone a transformation and reorganization in a comprehensive form. In this regard, Dragan Popović has extensive experience in the field of change management, as a successful entrepreneur in Serbia.
By constantly improving leadership skills, he inspires and motivates his employees to acquire new knowledge and abilities by personal example, which is the essence of Dragan's vision.
He graduated in 1992 from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade.
He is a member of the board of directors of the Serbian Association of Managers and with his knowledge and experience contributes to encouraging the development of the business environment and successful social networking, which is an imperative in the modern world. He is a member of the Board of the Red Basketball Women's Club and as a former athlete and a great sports fan, he supports its development in our country and helps young people get closer to the idea of ​​a healthy life. He believes in his mission, ideas and his employees and leaves his "heart on the field". Trust in your team, nurturing relationships, openness in communication, development of people and ideas is what is the essence of Dragan's everyday life in business.



Evica works at OTP banka and in the position of Employee Experience Designer covers the areas of employee experience, organizational culture and values, employer branding, internal communications. She gained experience in the field of development and communications through working in various positions in the corporate, public and civil sectors. She started her career in the position of Head of Training & Development in the bank, and before that she worked in the position of Communications and Development Manager at the Belgrade Open School and Coordinator of the Center for Career Guidance and Counseling at the Ministry of Youth and Sports. In addition to his work, she is actively involved in development through memberships in various program committees and networks and as a coach on various topics. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade.



Ivana, as Head of Learning and Development at Karanovic & Partners, develops L&D strategies at the regional level and implements a training program, not only related to law, but also to business skills. Based on his more than 20 years of experience in the fields of law and working with people, she designs and implements internal training programs for lawyers at all levels, as well as for Business Support teams. She also has a rich legal practice in working with clients in the field of Labor and Employment Law and relies on his practical knowledge acquired during training and support to others. Ivana chairs the AmCham HR Forum.



Ivan is the Director of External Affairs for Southeast Europe and the Director of International Affairs for Eastern Europe at Philip Morris International. His responsibilities include dealing with government agencies, regulatory affairs, internal and external communications, as well as managing a team of external affairs experts in six markets within the Southeast European cluster. Since joining the company in 2009, Ivan has held various positions, including the position of director of business with state authorities for the region for Eastern Europe based in Lausanne in the period from 2018 to 2019. From 2013 to 2018, he performed the function of director for corporate issues, and from 2009 to 2013, the function of corporate advisor based in Belgrade.
Prior to working at Philip Morris International, Ivan worked as a private practice at several regional law firms in New York and New Jersey, where he gained experience in commercial litigation and arbitration, advising various clients in the private sector. He is still a member of the New York Bar Association. Prior to joining the Bar, he was a trainee Supreme Court Justice in New Jersey, with High Judge Thomas C. Brown, during his 2000-2001 term. During 2000, Ivan earned a doctorate in law from Seton Law School. Hall in Newark, New Jersey.
He completed his undergraduate studies in 1997 at Pfeiffer University in North Carolina, earning a degree in literature and communication.



Iva joined Societe Generali Bank, today's OTP Bank in 2012. She started her career in the telecommunications industry while later in the banking industry through various positions within HR she gained experience in different travel cycles of employees through the company. She is currently in the position of Team of Leaders for Learning and Development where she is in charge of identifying the necessary competencies and creating development programs for all employees in accordance with the development needs as well as the strategy of the bank.
She completed a master's degree in psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, and also obtained a certificate as a coach and advisor in the field of transactional analysis.



Ivan is the Vice President of Internal Operations at the international IT company Symphony, in charge of financial, legal and Compliance operations as well as business process management at the group level. Ivan is also the executive director of the Symphony office in Belgrade and was one of the key people for the opening and growth of Symphony development centers in Serbia. For the past six years, Ivan has been one of the significant pillars in building a recognizable Symphony culture and together with his team is actively involved in establishing a growth strategy and evolving the company’s way of doing business. Before joining Symphony, Dragosan built his career in the role of a public finance expert, as well as through the development of innovative software solutions that brought benefits to the general public, both in Serbia and in the countries of the region.
Ivan obtained a Master's degree in Information Systems and Technologies, and is currently successfully performing the function of a board member in several associations and organizations in Serbia.



Ivan is the owner and president of the Communis agency. Together with Dragan Sakan, he founded the first multinational agency for Southeast Europe - Saatchi & Saatchi, first in Serbia and then in Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Albania. He is considered the initiator of a new approach to working with clients in these countries, as well as the introduction of modern conscious practices in media planning and use. For several years he was a lecturer at the Global School for Top Managers in Advertising Agencies (AMP). He has participated as a lecturer or panelist in numerous conferences and festivals around the world.
He founded his own communication group, which consists of the media agency Media S and the advertising agency Communis, in 2002. His agencies have won numerous domestic and foreign awards for creative work, and in 2015 she was named Agency of the Year. He also won the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2010 (UEPS). Until 2020, he was a professor at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, the author of the book "Kakodalogija", and recently the author and host of the show "What am I to you & who am I to myself".



Jelena is the Sustainability and Public Relations Manager for Central and Eastern Europe at Ball Packaging Europe. He represents Ball in regional forums and professional associations in the following countries: Hungary, the Czech Republic, Romania, the countries of the region and Serbia, and with the local team he is also active in Russia and Turkey. As part of the European Ball Sustainability Team, he works on sustainability initiatives with Ball's customers, but also on sustainable business programs within the company itself.
She started working for the Recan Foundation for the Recycling of Drink Cans in 2005. During 2013, Jelena launched the campaign "Every can counts" in Montenegro, and in 2017 in Serbia and Slovenia, Bosnia and Croatia. Within the foundation, it is working on defining legislation related to packaging waste management with the aim of increasing the percentage of can recycling.
She is the president of the Association for Environmental Protection launched in 2019 within NALED and the vice president of SEPEN, the Association for Packaging and Environmental Protection.
She worked as a manager in the international organization "Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe", where she dealt with environmental protection and waste management projects.
She graduated and obtained her master's degree in Zagreb at the Faculty of Science, and she has a master's degree in biology, majoring in ecology. In 2020, she completed Business Sustainability Management at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership.



Ljiljana is the director of the integrated communications agency Olaf & McAteer, the exclusive representative of the Ketchum network for Serbia, and a lecturer at the Faculty of Media and Communications. He has nineteen years of experience in communications and ten years in journalism. She has managed crisis teams of international and domestic companies and advised numerous clients in the fields of energy, mining, pharmacy, IT industry, telecommunications, banking and finance, reform political and social processes, FMCG. He teaches Crisis Communication and Planning and Conducting PR Campaigns at the Faculty of Media and Communications.



Maja is the executive director of the agency for integrated communications Olaf & McAteer. He has 19 years of experience in communications, of which 4 years in "in-house" communications, as well as 15 years of experience in customer management. She has gained experience advising a wide range of clients, including the private and public sectors, governmental and non-governmental institutions and organizations, and specializes in strategic communications, PR and PA campaigns, media and stakeholder relations, corporate and brand communications.



Mihailo has been the General Manager of MK Group since January 1, 2021. He has extensive experience in the field of business and strategic transformation of companies, which enables their sustainable growth and business development. Together with the top management of the MK Group, it works on defining and implementing corporate strategy and investment policy, as well as achieving business goals in the country and the region.
Mihailo gained his rich leadership and managerial experience during 2 decades of work for leading multinational companies - British American Tobacco, The Coca-Cola Company, Knjaz Miloš a.d., as well as for companies owned by private investment funds. MK Group has joined from the position of General Manager of the regional company Nectar Group.
During his career, he was also a member of the management boards of professional business associations and non-profit organizations in Serbia. In 2019, he was named "Manager of the Year" by the Serbian Association of Managers. He finds business inspiration in constant business improvement, people development, business transformation and turnaround management, which are areas that have marked Mihail's career so far.



Milena started working at Gi Group HR Solutions in May 2013. She currently holds the position of Senior HR Advisor in the Recruitment and Selection Department and is fully responsible for conducting various executive research and mid-level recruitment projects in Serbia and the region. Milena has excellent knowledge of the local market and trends, as well as extensive experience in project management.



Miša is one of the most prominent business experts in the field of brand and business design in Central and Eastern Europe.
He is also the founder of Chief Business Designer NEW STARTEGY, the first business design company in the region that radically changes existing business models, in a creative and innovative way, looks at business and helps find original and innovative solutions in all business segments of a company. Miša and his partner have developed a unique business model and methodology whose concept is protected under the name BUSINESS SAPIENS.



Dr Dimitriadis has been involved in the application of neurological and behavioral science in the field of marketing, communication and leadership for more than a decade. He earned his doctorate and MBA from the University of Sheffield. He currently holds the position of Director of Development at the Executive Development Institute within the International Faculty of Sheffield University.



Snezana is a certified TACK & TMI trainer and certified expert Thomas PPA. As a trainer and facilitator in the Gi Group, he actively conducts trainings and teambuildings in the areas of: communication skills, stress management, DISC methodology, sales skills, time management, mentoring, effective meetings.
Snezana, a graduate in sociology, began her coaching career working in the non-governmental sector, dealing with informal education and realization of seminars and trainings on the topics of project management, communication, team management and others.
Since 2016, he has been a permanent member of the training group of the Gi Group company and actively participates in training and development consulting projects, both through the creation of individual and group development solutions, and through the implementation of training programs. Snezana has participated in team development projects in the following companies: Atlantic Group, Siemens, Nelt, VIP Mobile, SBT, NIS, Titan Cementara, Nortal, UniCredit Bank, Erste Bank, Coca-Cola Hellenic, Pharma Swiss, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Wiener Stadtische Osiguranje , Knjaz Milos, Karanovic & partners. During eight years of conducting trainings and facilitations, Snezana gained rich experience working with teams from different industries and hierarchical levels.



Zoran is the President of the Executive Board / CFO of Raiffeisen Bank a.d. White City. Mr. Petrovic is an experienced banker, with rich professional knowledge and international expertise in high executive positions. He has extensive professional knowledge and experience in international business, strong managerial and leadership skills, as well as business results achieved in practice.
Mr. Petrovic started his career at the Institute of Economics in Belgrade, and in 1992 he joined Jugobanka, where he spent four years in the Business Sector and five years in the Assets and Investment Banking Sector, gaining extensive knowledge and experience in banking.
He joined Raiffeisen Bank in Serbia in 2001, and after the business rotation program at RZB in Vienna, he became the head of the Assets and Investment Banking Sector. In 2005, he was appointed a member of the Executive Board. Together with his team, he founded the first investment fund, a voluntary pension fund and introduced the first custody services in Serbia. In August 2013, he took over the position of President of the Executive Board, and in 2016, the Financial Director (CFO) of the bank. Within his competencies, Mr. Petrovic is responsible for the ALM, capital markets, leasing, finance, legal and human resources departments, marketing and public relations. During his career, Mr. With his knowledge and experience, Petrovic supported other Raiffeisen units in the region.
Mr. Petrovic was the President of the Board of Directors of the American Chamber of Commerce, the leading independent business association in Serbia, which consists of 200 member companies (from the USA, EU and Serbia). He initiated and defined the rules for the introduction of the dinar reference rate - Belibor and Beonia, and also made a key contribution to the development of the Forex market in Serbia. Mr. Petrovic is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Council of Foreign Investors, a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Serbian Banks, a member of the Board of Directors of the Basketball Association of Serbia, a member of the Presidency of the Association of Economists of Serbia. In addition to his regular duties, Mr. Petrovic is continuously working on a wide range of topics (economy, taxes, payments, capital market, etc.), in order to contribute to the improvement of the business climate in Serbia. He has published numerous opinions in the field of economy and finance. Mr. Petrovic graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade. He completed the Executive Management Program at the International Institute for Management Development (IMD), Lausanne. He holds an ACI dealing certificate, Paris.



Dr Zvezdan Horvat has been helping organizations in 30 countries around the world for more than 25 years, from corporations to small private companies. He is the professional director of the Adizes Institute Worldwide. He has twice received the prestigious Associate of the Year award from the Adizes Institute. He is in charge of the development of the most important phases of the Adizes method - the organizational structure and system of responsibilities, as well as the quality of work and training of Adizes consultants around the world. Guest lecturer at many events. Author of more than 50 management articles.