Slavko Carić, CEO, Erste Bank



Tax field:

  1. Advocating for and actively participating in mandatory and meaningful public discussions on tax law changes and accompanying tax regulations with the Ministry of Finance.
  2. Improving transparency, consistency and risk analysis in the work of the Tax Administration (resolving issues like VAT refund delays, publishing internal procedures, focusing criminal investigations to the grey economy cases, etc.)
  3. Encouraging finalization of the parafiscal charges reform, including publishing register of parafiscal chares, Law on compensations for the use of public goods and local fees and charges (Law on financing local self-government)
Finance field:

  1. Liberalisation of the Law on Foreign Exchange Operations. Working on amendments to this law, optimisation of procedures and documentation (especially relating to reporting on foreign lending operations) in line with challenges faced by businesses and citizens in foreign exchange operations and paving the way for alignment with EU acquis.
  2. Enhancement of implementation and improvement of the AML/CTF regulatory framework (set of bylaws) in order to improve the efficiency of mechanisms for managing that risk and facilitate business operation.
  3. Creation of necessary preconditions for the full implementation of the Law on Electronic Document, Electronic Identification and Trust Services in Electronic Transactions.


Tax field KPIs:

  1. Public consultations with all relevant stakeholders on amendments to tax regulations.
  2. Focus on the enhancement of the VAT refund system and risk analysis, making sure that VAT refund claims do not automatically trigger tax audits.
  3. Adoption of the Law on Charges for the Use of Public Goods in line with the AmCham's key suggestions.
Finance field KPIs:

  1. Definition of concrete measures and proposals for amendments to the Law on Foreign Exchange Operations and other regulations in that area.
  2. Opening discussion on reducing excessive administrative burden on companies, introduction of possibility of banks having standardized requirements towards businesses. Faster and simpler compliance. Raising awareness that Serbia\'s placement on the FATF list creates major impediments for companies\' foreign operations.
  3. Initiation of amendments to the regulations that still require the signing of paper-based documentation. Promotion and acceleration of start of the use of digital signature and electronic identification in various areas of business operation (banking, as well as other).