Vladislava Korolija, Marketing Strategy, Market Access and FF Manager Serbia & Central Balcans Countries, Pfizer


My name is Vladislava Korolija, and I am writing to you to submit my application for the Vice Chair position in the HCC of the AmCham in Serbia.

I am a medical doctor, with a specialty in surgery. Working for 11 years in one of the largest hospitals in our country, I gained an experience on how the health care system works and I had the opportunity to face everyday problems within the system.

Thanks to this experience, I can now, from the position of an employee of a pharmaceutical company, combine the experience gained in both positions in looking at the health care system and suggest ways to improve it.

I am very interested in opportunities to bring that experience and growth to to AmCham HCC’s ongoing and future initiatives related to three key areas:

  • Allowing faster access of new drugs and technologies;
  • Public private partnership;
  • Optimization of public procurement processes.