Marija Novaković, Head of Strategy and Business Development, Siemens



  • Improving the regulatory environment in the energy sector, as well as its implementation;
  • Improving framework for efficient cooperation between private and public sector in energy field;
  • Improving energy efficiency framework and its implementation
The upcoming two years program will be continuation of the program from the previous years and successes in monitoring government`s plans for the adoption of the new renewables regulation and publication of the Draft Law on Efficient Use of Energy with explicit provisions of PPP contracts in the energy sector (energy supply and energy performance contracting). I will advocate with the committee further improvement in the defined areas, including primarily the following:

  • Improving regulation, clearer understanding and better implementation of legislative framework by the main stakeholders via initiation of dialogue with the Ministry of Mining and Energy and other partners, so that citizens benefit fully from their rights and get the highest levels of quality, safety and security in terms of production, transport and use of energy.
  • Introduction of regular meetings with the decision makers in the energy sector (state and local level) in order to facilitate best practice sharing among the public and private sector in energy field in order to raise the awareness and adoption of the clean energy policies and push for renewable energies.
  • Proposing adaptation of the energy efficiency law through open discussion with main regulatory stakeholders and joint development of ideas for better acceptance, implementation and promotion of the proposed measures from all stakeholders in the market.
  • Cross-sectoral cooperation on predefined topics with the Environmental Committee.
  • Positioning of the committee as a body which represents the industry’s interests in the area of energy.