Bojan Kaličanin, Senior Legal Advisor for Property Affairs, Delta Real Estate



I’m truly honored to be in position to present my proposal for Chair position in Real Estate Committee. Mission and goals of Real Estate Committee as defined, represents crucial points of cooperation between AmCham and all decision makers in Serbia in regards to real estate legislation.
In the next two years, we should:

  • strongly continue to propose new ideas and solutions in this field and to improve communication with all relevant parties to create better legal environment for further development of real estate investments,
  • closely communicate with all Committee members to get feedbacks on implementation of real estate laws, especially cadaster procedures, permitting, conversion of right of use on land into ownership, restitution and public-private partnerships. Constantly informing authorities to ensure proper implementation. Exchange information through regular monthly meetings with notary and enforcement offices. At first, our goal should be close cooperation with representatives of Republic Geodetic Authority to propose solutions for resolving numerous issues in implementation of administrative and cadaster procedures,
  • effectively plan, initiate and organize different round tables with representatives of judiciary and Ministry of justice to work on various open issues in court procedures and verdicts in real estate cases. Different courts often make different verdicts on same issues which result in high uncertainty in our legal system. This has great impact on investing in Serbia and should result in proposals for unification of verdicts,
  • further position Real Estate Committee as crucial in representing all important aspects of business in Real Estate.