Dragana Bajić, Head of Employment and Data Protection, Petrikić & Partneri AOD


I hope that in my previous engagement as Chair of the Labor Regulations Committee I managed to show how passionate and dedicated I am about leading the efforts of member companies to improve the labor regulations in Serbia. We will have an opportunity to influence changes of several laws in the next two years and I will give my best to make sure that our voice is heard loud and clear.

Agenda proposal:

  • Actively campaigning with the Commissioner for Equality, Commissioner for Personal Data Protection and the Ministry of Labor to issue guidelines for employers who want to incentivize employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19;
  • Active involvement in the process of drafting of the new Labor Law, focusing on:
o enabling electronic delivery of a wider group of employment documents;
o differentiating between regular remote working and occasional working from home and introducing clear solutions for when employees refuse to switch to remote work;
o allowing employers to hire interns outside of employment relationship;
o simplifying the salary structure;
o switching to employer’s offer to change the salary amount instead of only being able to offer change of elements for determining the salary amount.

  • Active involvement in the process of drafting of the Law on Strike and the Law on Health and Safety at Work;
  • Monitoring the process of implementation of new procedural rules for expats coming to work in Serbia;
  • Continuous practice of active discussions with the Ministry of Law, Directorate for Health and Safety at Work and Labor Inspectorate on implementation of regulations.