Date: 22/04/2014

SMART Talk with Olja Bećković: Preserving Integrity for Decades

On April 22, roles were reversed for Olja Bećković, author and host of Serbia's most popular political talk show “Utisak nedelje”, when she appeared as guest speaker at an AmCham SMART Talk event. This time, representatives of AmCham member companies conducted an exclusive interview with Ms. Bećković. The event was supported by Beton Bistro, WineQ (Wine Culture Center) and the TEMƎT Winery.

While looking back on the past 23 years of the show, Ms. Bećković talked about courage, integrity and persistence, but also the self-doubt and criticism that she had experienced while hosting “Utisak nedelje”. In an informal conversation with the audience, she shared some of the most interesting behind the scenes moments during interviews with high-profile political personalities. When asked about increased media repression and “undesirable” guests, Ms. Bećković insisted that integrity cannot be lost, only surrendered. “Integrity is something that you are born with. You can keep it only by doing what you think and thinking what you really feel,” she said. In the end, she emphasized that she doesn`t feel courageous but simply responsible for doing her job properly.

For all of the attendees, the biggest impression of the evening was Ms. Bećković’s long-standing authenticity, her strength to ask the right questions and persistence to get the right answers, the key ingredient of her show’s uniqueness and durability.

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