Date: 05/06/2014

Microsoft Donates Software and Programs to Petnica SC

In February 2014, Microsoft donated licenses for software and programs to Petnica SC, in the value of USD 313,000!

These include Windows and Office platforms for PC`s in laboratories and classrooms (70 licenses), but also Visual Studio Ultimate, as a very important tool for young software developers educated at this center (15 licenses). This gives Petnica`s students and researchers an opportunity to use custom software applications developed exclusively for the Windows environment.

Cooperation between Microsoft and Petnica originates way before this donation, since many of the developers at the Microsoft Development Center in Belgrade, were part of Petnica, either as course attendees, expert associates or lecturers. Over years, dozen of Microsoft Development Center employees have been involved in Petnica Science Center through seminars of Applied Physics & Electronics and Mathematics. The purpose of these programs is to guide talented students through various aspects of scientific research. Students gain knowledge and practical skills in fields of mathematics, physics, electronics, programming and robotics, which offers them numerous possibilities for future specialization and research. MDCS employees’ work in Petnica consists of providing theoretical knowledge to the students, helping them in a lab and mentoring their summer projects.

For Microsoft, this is only a beginning of a long-lasting, strategic cooperation with the “Petnica” Science Center.

Petnica SC is considered as true incubator of talents that Microsoft is counting on in the future!