Date: 05/06/2014

AmCham’s Support to Petnica Science Center

On June 4, representatives of AmCham Serbia, its member companies and U.S. Embassy visited Petnica Research Center and launched long term cooperation between AmCham and this unique and precious educational institution.

The visit was attended by U.S. Ambassador to Serbia, HE Michael Kirby, Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development Srdjan Verbić and many AmCham representatives, who discussed leadership and economic development with the participants of Petnica`s regional seminar attendees "A Modern Leadership in Making."

AmCham’s initiative to launch a long-term partnership and support program originated from the Engage for Change survey conducted in the late 2013, where AmCham member companies, identified the lack of practical skills and modern education as one of the major obstacles for new jobs in Serbia. AmCham cooperation with Petnica is aimed at assisting the Government in its efforts to improve and modernize the education system, which is one of the most important preconditions for the further progress of society and the economy. Many of AmCham members have already provided their financial or in kind support to this regional talent hub: Microsoft, NIS, Schneider Electric, Hemofarm, Karanović & Nikolić Law Firm etc.

On this occasion, Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development, Mr. Srdjan Verbić stressed the necessity of cooperation between state and industry in encouraging further development of young talent in Serbia, since this would prove to be a long term investment for the benefit of the entire country.

"Young, educated and professional people are the best ambassadors of any country and we should therefore create conditions for them to have the best possible conditions for learning and development, because they will lead Serbia and the region towards a better future," said HE Michael Kirby.

"We want young leaders to take an active role in society and to take the country towards the path of progress," said the President of the AmCham, Stacey Kennedy. “We are extremely pleased that today’s presence of the Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development confirms that the efforts of the Government and AmCham are directed towards the same goal - a modernization of the education system, so that we all together create a strong basis for the recovery of Serbia," said Ms. Kennedy.

Director of Petnica Research Center, Mr. Vigor Majić, thanked all the guests and representatives of AmCham companies for their support, noting that the link between education and the business sector is a basic prerequisite for planning the future of young people.

Petnica’s students, company and media representatives, as well other guests were further addressed by Maja Piščević, Executive Director of AmCham, Nikola Božić behalf of Petnica RC, and Dejan Vinković, the organizer of the “Čakovec " seminar.

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