Date: 11/06/2014

SMART Talk on Psychology and Modernity with Vladeta Jerotić

At the SMART Talk, AmCham members had an opportunity to learn first-hand about difficulties in finding a balance between the speed of modern living and looking after mental health. The event was supported by Beton Bistro, WineQ (Wine Culture Center) and the Rogan Family Winery

On June 10, academic Vladeta Jerotić shared his vast knowledge and experience of psychotherapy and the psychology of religion, presenting a variety of topics related to mental and spiritual health in modern times. He described the link between concepts and illusions in continuous self-knowledge and free will and provided a fresh perspective on introverts and extroverts. Reflecting on the importance of entering dialogue ready to both give and receive arguments, he also underlined the importance of aspiration and the will to leave dialogue enriched.

Dealing with aggression as energy, Jerotić proposed a positive way of comprehending this phenomenon. Finally, Jerotić stated that illness is primarily a warning and reasoned in depth as to how and why to deal with the psychosomatic sources of diseases from stress and flu to cancer.

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