Date: 20/06/2014

AmCham Business Luncheon hosts Prime Minister Vučić

On June 20, members of AmCham Serbia had met with the Prime Minister of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić and discussed how the business sector could get involved in the rehabilitation of flooded areas. They also talked about progress in the reform process and the priorities of the economy and the government to create a better business environment.

At a traditional AmCham Business Luncheon, members welcomed the commencement of the reform process by drafting changes to key laws, such as the Labour Law, the Law on Bankruptcy and the Law on Planning and Construction. By the end of 2013, AmCham members had identified some of the priorities for a better business environment: labor legislation, better protection of creditors, reducing the gray economy and administrative barriers for construction, improving the predictability of the tax and non-tax burden for the economy. Strengthening the institutional framework, adoption of key laws, as well as their consistent and effective enforcement. These are essential for the implementation of reforms.

"The Government is very grateful to the business sector for the swift assistance provided during emergencies such as catastrophic flooding," said Prime Minister Vučić. "The problem of unemployment will be one of the priorities of the Government in the future. We will work intensively on defining employment incentives, as well as the creation of mechanisms for attracting foreign direct investment. The package of economic reforms will be carried out by adopting a number of key laws, which are a necessary prerequisite for improving the business environment. "

AmCham’s First Vice-President Zoran Petrović emphasized that in addition to the adoption of the Labour Law it is necessary to proceed with the adoption of a series of measures for the improvement of the business environment. "Measures for combating the gray economy must be primarily based on better implementation of the Law, starting with more competent inspection authorities and Ministry of Interior, through the well-organized Prosecution to an effective judiciary. Also, we hope that the measures will be undertaken in the futureto improve the predictability of the tax and non-tax burden” said Vice President Petrović, whotold the Prime Minister that “AmCham in always ready to be the Government’s partner in the reform process."

"The consequences of flooding have emphasized the symptoms of the crisis the Serbian economy faces, but they have also shown that we as a society haven’t forgotten true values, such as compassion, sense of community and solidarity. Now it is important to keep this spirit, and AmCham will engage all its capacities to help overcome the consequences of flooding and also to support the implementation of necessary economic reforms,"Maja Piščević, Executive Director of AmCham, emphasized.

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce, which brings together 190 companies with over 100,000 employees, have agreed that any further delay ofthe reform process and the adoption of key laws, would threaten the realization ofinitiated investment projects and would adversely affect the decisions of foreign insitutions to invest in Serbia. Cooperation between the business community and stakeholders, transparency in law making and consistent enforcement of the legal solutions are among the basic prerequisites for the success of reforms.

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