Date: 18/09/2014

Biljana Srbljanović: Words Denote Elements in Culture, Politics and Life

At the SMART talk, it was discussed how language and its narratives form the current position of women in Serbian society, political activism and currents in European and Serbian theater and movies. The event was supported by Beton Bistro, WineQ (Wine Culture Center) and the Jagodinska Winery.

September 18 - Biljana Srbljanović, a playwright and a woman with views that leave no one indifferent and that provoke customary relations that tighten society, talked with representatives of Amcham companies about her keen interest in human nature through words, souls and ideological determination.

She explained how women themselves, by accepting media-lynch narratives, become both bearers and victims of the phenomena. In the constant rethinking of politics and political engagement, Srbljanović emphasized that, today, it seems that almost any decision may be perceived as political. On the other hand, as she admires the ability of words to incite actions in society, Biljana advocates universal political engagement in the simple sense of constant community and rights improvement, at least through online activism via blogs and social media.

Finally, being a woman of words, Srbljanović explained her views on the modern drama crisis testifying on the large number of young European writers with excellent texts but, unfortunately, mainly financial reasons for reluctance to get set on the stage.

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