Date: 27/10/2014

Aleksandra Saška Mojsilović’s Message: Believe in Your Ideas, Your Work and Yourself!

A leading IBM researcher, Ms. Mojsilović explained how Big Data shapes the world, and described the responsibilities of researchers. The event was supported by IBM Serbia, Beton Bistro, WineQ (the Wine Culture Center) and the Aleksandrović Winery, and Đavolčići Homemade Cookies

October 23 – AmCham representatives met, heard and enjoyed discussion with Aleksandra Saška Mojsilović, an IBM 2014 fellow, one of IBM’s leading global researchers, Executive Director of the Data Science Group at IBM’s T. J. Watson Research Center in the US, a successful cooking blogger and a devoted mother.

Comparing previous technology revolutions with the current one, she explained how researchers have to be aware of the responsibility and that Big Data researches should not turn into ‘Big Brother’ abuses. Mojsilović pointed out that she sees the new technology revolution related to modeling and analyzing huge quantities of varied data and optimizing the processes respectively as an opportunity to make the world a better place, as did the last technology revolution related to the development of internet and its features and functionalities that led to overcoming almost all communications barriers worldwide.

Discussing learning and mentoring, she said: ‘’Advice is cheap; it is your attention and patience that people will value, therefore I chose to learn from immediate associates, clients,student interns and complete strangers, keeping my eyes wide open and listening carefully. If one feels very comfortable in a business position it is the red alert that something has to be changed: a business model, an approach, product or service,’’ she added.

Finally, Saška revealed interesting facts related to her first steps in the USA, encountering different cultural, business and educational patterns, and how her varied background helped her. As author of a cooking blog, her way of doing something completely different from the usual ways of business, Saška exchanged with the audience several of her recipes on how to ‘cook’ a good and balanced life and spare time.

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