Date: 27/01/2015

How to OutSmart Personal and Social Dramas

In front of a smart audience of AmCham members, Nikola Đuričko, actor and citizen, reveals himself in a Smart Talk

Belgrade, January 27, - Nikola Đuričko, the actor, again shone, this time from AmCham’s Smart Talk stage as a truly bright but down-to-earth star before a full-house at the Beton Bistro.

More than 100 representatives of the Amcham membership attending the first SMART Talk of 2015 enjoyed conversation with Nikola. They sipped 2013 vintage Arsenijević Winery Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot while exploring smart topics with the guest.

Nikola revealed his views and experiences, with personal and professional honesty, as an actor, as a team member, an artist, an entrepreneur fighting bureaucracy through social-activism in his locality, city and country.

While the audience probed their guest with smart questions, Nikola, both citizen and actor, outsmarted and outshone them, reciting famous lines of Iago, a character he currently plays on the stage in Shakespeare’s Othello: ‘’But I will wear my heart upon my sleeve /For daws to peck at: I am not what I am" .

Apart from Nikola, other guests shining that evening were SMART Fortwo and SMART Forfour cars by Mercedes-Benz, general sponsor of the event.