Date: 06/04/2015

The Wisest Wits Keep Wondering

Unofficially the most creative Serbian and the fourth cleverest man in the world, Uroš Petrović, engineer, storyteller, riddle-creator and photographer, provided brain riddles as an explanation of the mysteries of the brain

In delivering a SMART talk, Uroš Petrović fascinated over 90 representatives of the AmCham community. His subjects ranged from the importance of riddle solving, to the fantasy world of stories for children, the difference between various forms of intelligence and the reform of the education system, all with humor and precision.

Uroš, with an IQ of 150 plus, explained what it takes to keep the brain and mental functions clear, why wondering and curiosity are a common denominator for all wise people and how new discoveries in neurology change the world of cognition, education and brain development.

In a sizzling, almost classroom-like atmosphere, Uroš teased the audience with several smart riddles showing that teamwork consisting of wild-guesses can take a group toward correct answers.

During the event, SMART talk partner wIneQ and in-kind contributor Kovačević Winery tested the ‘wine intelligence’ of the audience with two vintages: Aurelius (Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot) and Cuvee Piquant (Traminer-Muscat Ottonel -Pinot Blanc).

A riddle of the day: Turn it upside-down and it will lose its one third. What is that? Send your answers to