Date: 14/05/2015

Passing the Ball Smart

A legendary play-maker, now head coach of the Serbian senior national basketball team, recognized by ULEB as one of the 50 people who have contributed most to the development of European basketball, shared his experiences as a team leader as a player and as a coach

Belgrade, May 14 – Aleksandar Saša Đorđević fascinated over 100 AmCham member representatives at a Smart Talk sharing his vast experience as leader of the national basketball team in both the 1990s and today.

Đorđević emphasized that true leaders in sport, business or life are those who are ready to ‘pass the ball’ to a player, co-worker, or a friend and family member. He added that part of the recent successes of the national team can be credited to the fact that the previous successful generations of players lifted the younger players on their shoulders, ‘passing the ball’ to them but without the demands of success.

Citing the well-known NBA motto that players do not care how much you know until you show them how much you care, Đorđević compared authority posing and team dynamics in sports and business, stressing that one player, even the best, does not make a team, but that one can destroy a team in a split second.

Therefore, the role of all players, its coach, as well as a business team and its manager, Đorđević said, could be seen as an effort to, while seeking success, demonstrate concern for team spirit and integrity, always establishing sportsmanship and familiar relations but with discipline.

The event was held in partnership with Raiffeisen bank and UNIQA, and, for the first time, took place at Mikser House.