Date: 23/10/2015

AmCham Holds Leadership Seminar for `Petnica` Associate Lecturers

Leveraging its cooperation and support for the `Petnica` Research Center, AmCham undertook and managed a series of Workshops designed for students at Belgrade University who are also teaching associates at`Petnica`

From October 20 to 23, the attendees had the opportunity to learn and develop the soft skills and competences needed by any leader, teacher and prospective mentor by taking part in a series of workshops:

- ‘Pearl Island’ Workshop – finding their way through challenges as a team and experiencing decision making at its best--facilitated by Sonja Jovanović and Mia Meleghy of E&Y.

- Project Management Workshop – looking for expertise and information to tackle their project challenges--facilitated by Vladan Pantović and Vladimir Manić of the Serbian Chapter of the Project Management Institute.

-Communication – making an impact and leaving a mark. This workshop, facilitated by Marina Rakić of IBM, covering the topics: How to communicate with impact What is Virtual communication? How to hold meetings effectively.

-Coaching Workshop - unlocking an individual’s potential to maximize performance--facilitated by Mirela Špagović of Philip Morris and covering the topics: Situational Leadership, the GROW model, interpersonal skills, and questioning.

-Presentation Skills Workshop - delivering message that will be remembered--facilitated by Yulia Rak of JTI and covering the topics: Modern trends in preparing visible presentations, visuals as a story created with the audience, three tools that will make your slides memorable.

- Mentoring Workshop - elevating skills and knowledge to boost individual performance. This workshop was facilitated by Danijela Vučković-Jovanović of MSD and covered the topics: business mentoring objectives, the differences between coaching and mentoring, and mentoring models and approaches.