Date: 25/03/2016

Procurement Group Discusses Automation

At this year's first meeting of the AmCham Procurement Group on the topic `Procure to Pay` corporate experiences were shared related to the advantages and disadvantages of automation in the procurement process.

At the beginning of the discussion, colleagues from sector procurement discussed the experience of companies with the automation of the purchasing process and introduction of new systems and software programs for procurement. Primarily emphasized was the necessity of introduction of new systems and process changes, and the need to get as many people involved in the process already in the developing phase, while still defining custom functionalities and the start of its operational implementation.

In addition, Group members discussed treatment of invoices issued by public enterprises, bearing in mind that technical term `purchase order` and procurement processes related to it, has not been generally adopted in the business terminology of the public sector.

One part of the meeting was devoted to issues of treatment of invoices that are due before the execution of the procured service(s), how to access emergency procurement and electronic invoices for which there is still no regulatory framework in the local legal system.