Date: 07/04/2016

Smart Trio on Charisma – How to Acquire it and its Perception in the Modern World

AmCham held a SMART Trio event on the topic ‘’What is charisma and how to acquire it", with a line up of three interlocutors: Aja Jung, Director of the Belgrade Dance Festival, Bojan Radun, CEO of Bambi, and Dr. Nikolaos Dimitriadis from the University of Sheffield.

The audience had the opportunity to enjoy the "SMART Trio" discussions in the contemporary venue of the Startit ICT Hub. Informal discussions from artistic, academic and business perspectives provided insight into whether charisma is considered an advantage or a defect in the modern world and whether one is born with it, develops it, or if it can be acquired - and if so , how.

Following a series of successful Smart Talk events, AmCham launched SMART Trio, in cooperation with the University of Sheffield, as a new discussion format within which relevant and inspiring themes and values ​​will be debated with prominent representatives of the academic and business communities, culture, the arts and sports.

The event was supported by WineQ- Center for Wine Culture and Aleksandrović Winery, with its famous "Harisma" Chardonnay label.