Date: 14/04/2016

EU Integration Declared Important to Improve Business Climate in Serbia

Michael Davenport and Tanja Miščević emphasized the importance of the active role of the business community in Serbian EU accession.

At a business luncheon organized by AmCham Ambassador Michael Davenport, Head of the European Union Delegation to the Republic of Serbia, and Tanja Miščević, Head of the Negotiating Team for Serbian accession to the EU, stressed the importance and impact of negotiations to improving the business climate in Serbia, as well as the need for further progress in economic reforms.

Ambassador Davenport said that by opening negotiations at the end of last year, Serbia began an important process of harmonization with the standards of the European Union, which is a sign of stability and predictability of the business environment and important for potential investors.

"Improvements in the business environment are palpable, but in the past have made great strides in economic reforms and in regional cooperation. Great progress has been made in relations with its neighbors, which is important for the stability of the whole of Europe. The direction of European integration of Serbia is very clear," Davenport said.

He added that Serbia should fully use its capacity and ability to take further steps toward reforms, as well as the business community commitment to the consistent implementation of economic reforms and laws that regulate commerce that provides a significant contribution.

"The country needs to be economically prepared to join the European Union. It will, in addition to the rule of law and public administration reform, be one of the most important measures of our success in the negotiations. And for citizens and the economy it is important to establish stable institutions, clear standards and rules, and therefore insist on the inclusion of all in the negotiating process. Debate with the business sector has been opened since the beginning, and the business community is invited to actively participate and contribute to the next phases of the negotiations," said Tanja Miščević.

She welcomed the efforts of AmCham and its members toward improving and establishing effective legal frameworks and institutional mechanisms, "which are clearly visible in the case of the fight against the grey economy."

Zoran Petrović, AmCham President and Vera Nikolić Dimić, AmCham Executive Director, concluded that harmonization with EU standards are "necessary to ensure legal certainty and the protection of a predictable business environment and tax and fiscal policy which are important to the business of each company in Serbia. "