Date: 29/12/2016

Introducing specialisation in prosecution of grey economy cases

We bring you below a brief summary Combating Grey Economy Committee`s successes in the last quarter of 2016, as well as info on new and ongoing initiatives.

The newly adopted Law on the Organization and Jurisdiction of Government Authorities in Combating Organized Crime, Terrorism and Corruption brings specialization of prosecutors and judges in 4 centers in Serbia (Belgrade, Nis, Novi Sad and Kraljevo) for processing, among others, cases of illicit trade performed in an organized manner or effecting damage to the budget in excess to RSD 450.000. Such specialization was requested by AmCham Combating Grey Economy Committee, for the purpose of enabling more targeted trainings of the all parties involved, aiming for more efficient processing of such cases.

Activities aimed at achieving more efficient prosecution of grey economy cases and inspections oversight, based on AmCham`s Grey Economy Committee inputs, become part of the Draft Action plan for fighting grey economy. This primarily involves appointment of judges and prosecutors in specialized centers, as well as their points of contact in other control authorities, in order to achieve better coordination in evidence collection and case strengthening. This also entails significant educational activities for prosecutors and inspections planned for 2017, and AmCham will assist these efforts.

Other AmCham recommendations include giving priority to processing grey economy related cases by Public Prosecutors Office, periodical analysis of the flow of criminal charges concerning grey economy and providing regular feedback to the inspections aimed at increasing their learning curve, providing strict guidelines for implementation of the institute of plea-bargaining mechanism (“oportunitet”), improving the capacity of inspections, more efficient follow up of the conclusions from the topic based working groups, providing incentives for inspectors/inspections etc.

Follow this link for AmCham`s suggestions to the Action plan for fighting Grey Economy (text in red).