Date: 28/02/2017

SMART Trio: Is There a Universal Recipe For Happiness?

Personal experiences of happiness and its impact on the success of work: is it a matter of choice, what is it all about and how to get it?

The newest edition of a SMART Trio event in partnership with Sheffield University offered a discussion on personal experiences of happiness by Aleksandra Ninković Tašić, President of the Educational - Research Society Mihajlo Pupin, Delta Holding Vice President and Regional Director of Intercontinental Hotel Group Živorad Vasić and President of the Executive Board and CEO of Piraeus Bank, Vojislav Lazarević.

In a friendly and informal atmosphere the audience heard first-hand what successful people think of happiness, and how they fight for it in both the private and business environment, most importantly at the intersection of the private and the professional.

Aleksandra Ninković Tašić said that by all means happy people love their profession and feel enthusiastic about what they do. Živorad Vasić said he is especially happy while spending quality time with loved ones and feeling their support.Vojislav Lazarević says he discovers happiness in successful cooperation as well as socializing with colleagues.

It was pointed out that true happiness is not egoistic, but rather a social concept and that it is therefore crucial to surround yourself with friends and learn from them. Participants in the event concluded that nowadays happiness comes from slowing down, going offline and enjoying professional and family life, escaping routine, recalling all those things that once made us happy and finding the time to devote to them again.

Apart from the entertaining atmosphere of the discussion, and in cooperation with WineQ-Wine Culture Center, guests enjoyed Euforia, a wine label of Aleksandrović Winery.

InOvations company provided audio-technical support, while the live-streaming for the event was accomplished by Tag Media.