Date: 28/03/2017

Women In Tech - How To Successfully Beat Stress

The final meeting within the program Emotionally Intelligent Leadership - Women in Tech was held on the theme of "Adjustment and Overcoming Stress."

Lecturer, Dr Tamara Tomović, presented to the participants of the program how one can successfully cope with stressful situations and the techniques which can reduce the occurrence of stress. Stress as a phenomenon that we encounter every day can have a huge impact on performing business tasks. That is a reason why is important to monitor symptoms, because stress accumulates over time and can adversely affect human health. Some of the diseases that occur due to the high and constant exposure to stress, Dr. Tomović stated, are depression, heart disease, skin changes and problems with fertility.

It was stated that stress mainly occurs as a natural reaction to change - in private or business life. Fear of change, could also adversely affect our perception of reality. Dr Tomović pointed out some of the psychological reasons that may develop a fear of change - fear of failure, fear that the past will repeat itself and excessive sensitivity. Some of the techniques to overcome the stress are - techniques of breathing, a daily self-reflection, gaining full control of physical activity, supporting uncertainty, exit from the zone of comfort.

After the lecture, a ceremony was held for awarding certificates to all the participants of the program Emotionally Intelligent Leadership - Women in Tech.