Date: 30/05/2017

Workshop on Influencing Others

How to achieve a positive impact within the working environment and successfully meet the challenges of communication in stressful situations were presented at a workshop led by Marina Delić, TMI and TACK certified trainer from the company GI Group HR Solutions.

At the beginning of the workshop, participants were asked to watch a short video and recognize the behavior of actors in various situations, the manner in which communication was achieved and comprehended without stress, how other people in the workplace can be inspired, the best ideas for placing and gaining support for projects. The aim of the workshop was to provide communication techniques, presentation and assertiveness techniques that are applicable in the working environment and building links with other people, especially in the circumstances of lacking formal authority over others.

Marina presented two approaches to influencing - so called ‘push’ and ‘pull’. The push approach refers to gaining support for short-term projects and influence, and can be accomplished in several ways - by persuading, engaging in a result-award approach, via negotiations and in a seeking-expectations manner. The main feature of this approach is unidirectional information, which means that all information is solely derived from only one side, from initiator(s) of the idea to the person who must give consent for realization of a project.

On the other hand, the pull approach is bi-directional, i.e. includes closer involvement of other parties in the communication processes and is characterized by long-term influencing when we want to achieve long-term goals in the work environment. This approach is characterized by the art of connecting with the other side, personalization (because of me…), creative conflict resolution and inspiring. Such techniques make it possible to develop empathy, warmth and flexibility in the workplace, as well as the core element of emotional intelligence.

During the workshop, a short overview was given to the possibility to achieve a certain influence through coercion and manipulation. However, this approach is not recommended in the workplace and in relationships because it creates pressure on people to do what is only our desire.