Date: 04/07/2017

SMART Trio Discusses the Importance of Empathy in Business

“Importance of Empathy in Business" was the subject of a SMART Trio discussion jointly organized by the AmCham and the University of Sheffield.

Today at the Startit Center, the director of Yugoslav drama theater, Tamara Vučković Manojlović, president of the board at the American Chamber of Commerce and general director of Raiffeisen bank, Zoran Petrović and member of the board at AmCham and the president of the board at company Trizma Boris Vujičić, discussed the “Importance of Empathy in Business”. The discussion was organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia and the University of Sheffield. The moderator was Dr Nikolaos Dimitriadis from the University of Sheffield.

Numerous associates and media representatives listened to the speakers in an informal atmosphere from the perspectives of the art and business communities., The discussion covered what empathy means and how much it matters in daily business, communications and cooperation with colleagues, associates and clients. With the purpose of personal and professional development, the speakers explained the importance of nurturing interpersonal relations and observing the world with diverse eyes.

Director of Yugoslav drama theater Tamara Vučković Manojlović talked about the importance of approaching every person with a respect whatever the possible of differences in perspective. “Observing the world with different eyes, allowing ourselves to leave the borders we personally made is exactly what shapes our personality and helps us to handle unexpected, diverse situations,’’ Vučković Manojlović said. For the president of the board at Amcham, Zoran Petrović, empathy represents one of the most important components of everyday communication with colleagues. As he explained: ‘’To truly understand someone else’s situation and to work on a common solution increases the sense of stability and therefore stimulates motivation.” Boris Vujičić defined empathy as understanding an individual’s attitudes and needs. ‘’Every man has something special and something of great significance in him. Although it is impossible to understand every segment of a man’s complex personality, just engaging and trying to put ourselves in other people’s shoes is a great step which leads to improved communication and greater productivity,” Vujičić concluded.