Date: 18/07/2017

Meetup on How to use Virtual Reality in your Business

A meetup on “How to use Virtual Reality in your Business”, organized in cooperation with Startit, gathered representatives from various branches of business interested in using VR products to communicate, envision and accelerate their projects and operations in previously unseen ways.

The meetup started with an introduction from Ninoslav Adžibaba from VR Labs, summarizing the latest growth of virtual technology and its presence among global companies like Facebook and the New York Times. Adžibaba explained that virtual reality is abstract, though able to provide a whole new experience by using the basic senses of sound and sight, with touch being a possible further development.

The event took the format of an open discussion format, so the audience had an opportunity to participate and ask questions on the topic. Adžibaba was later joined by Nina Petronijević from NCR, who shared positive experiences of the use of virtual reality in the business world. Petronijević talked about NCR’s cooperation with Miroslav and the company’s recognition of the positive effect virtual technology would have on their clients, as well as presenting a 15-minute virtual video made by NCR, which presents the company and explains its work to existing and future clients. Petronijević also said that adopting virtual technology and making the video was far more efficient and profitable for NCR than having to pay to bring clients from all over the world to present the company’s business to them in person. “The reaction of the clients was wonderful, as they were completely overwhelmed by the new technological approach”, Petronijević concluded.

At the end of the event, Adžibaba said that to truly understand the effect of virtual technology, one must try the product oneself. Therefore, everyone had the opportunity to experience the magic of Google Cardboard and HTC Vive virtual reality products.