Date: 19/09/2017

HR Forum: The Impact of Digitalization on the Human Resources Sector

A forum on how modern technologies changes daily tasks and how digitalization can have a decisive influence on work in the field of human resources was presented.

The meeting was opened by Tijana Tadić, HR Director at the Karanović & Nikolic Law Office and HR Forum Chair, who gave a brief introduction to the use of new and advanced technologies, especially artificial intelligence, in modern business and management. Tijana emphasized that companies, although aware of such digital transformation, are not fully prepared for it. Referring to the research of Mark Purdy and Paul Daugherty, about 87% of respondents believe that digital transformation will affect their industry. In addition to the lack of preparedness of companies, traditional jobs, as well as those in human resource departments, are affected by changes brought about by modern technologies. In this sense, digital transformation in business will involve all the functions of one company and will be very important in the field of talent recruitment and development. In addition, artificial intelligence could end the era of administrative managerial work, so coordination and control of business tasks could take over intelligent systems.

Globalization and the rapid advancement of technology are the main causes of the distortion of traditional business and management practices. Filios Papastylianou, HCM Sales Division & Strategy Leader, said that, thanks to new software solutions and the introduction of cloud technology into business, there was created an easier way to find and develop staff, and the company has the ability to integrate social networks, including intranet, into their business. Thus, each employee with the help of applications can have access to all necessary information and can perform tasks from each device. The company's research shows that about 42% of respondents want a faster software upgrade, and 39% want to adopt and implement software solutions in their HR portfolio.

Marina Rakić from IBM presented the experience of introducing modern technologies into IBM business, the cognitive function of human resources and trends in this sector for 2017. Also, the latest predictions in this sector are highlighted, such as the emergence of a new generation of tools in managing the performance of employees, obtaining information and analyzing in real time. IBM as a global corporation seeks to achieve "One IBM HR" experience towards its employees through the global HR transformation initiative.

New systems also enable faster education and development of employees using the latest tools, which are available online. Ivana Mihajlović, HR Manager at Direct Media, presented the experience in the implementation of new technologies in the modern business. Ivana pointed out that her company is trying to link its employees closer in order to provide better performance, among other things the basics of digital technologies. This led to the creation of a special platform with the help of which employees in the company can online to follow training and thus upgrade their knowledge and expertise.