Date: 05/10/2017

"Collecting is Connecting" Exhibition is Opened by Wiener Städtische Osiguranje

An exhibition of contemporary art from the Wiener Städtische Insurance collection entitled "Collecting is Connecting" is open.

At the Heritage House Belgrade, in the presence of numerous high-ranking representatives of culture, art, politics and the media, the exhibition of contemporary art "Collecting is Connecting" from the Wiener Städtische insurance collection was officially opened. The exhibition includes a rich selection of over than 300 works of contemporary art from 65 Serbian artists. This exhibition announces the launching of the Wiener ART project, which will be present in the cultural life of Serbia through a multitude of initiatives. In addition to exhibitions in Serbian cities, the company will also intensively promote contemporary art to the younger population and in the areas where the public can rarely get acquainted with the works of contemporary art of our country.

"Responsible behavior towards society is one of the priorities of our company, which we have shown countless times before. Through the exhibition and the entire project "Wiener ART" we are taking a step further because we want to present the values of contemporary art to the public. We also want to point out the creativity of young artists who are one of the key pillars of our society. The cultural creation that makes our collection proves that Serbian culture follows the world trends and is constantly developing, "said Svetlana Smiljanić, a member of the Wiener Städtische Insurance Executive Board.

In order to improve artistic creation in Serbia, the company started buying artworks of contemporary art six years ago in cooperation with curator Slavko Timotijević. The unique collection consists of art paintings, drawings, sculptures, graphics, photographs, and three light installations. The exhibition "Collecting is Connecting" presents top works of contemporary local art. It has four exhibition settings, on the following schedule:

All artworks will be exhibited at the Heritage House, Belgrade, (Knez Mihailova 46). The exhibition is open for visitors until November 3, every working day from 10 am to 8 pm. Entrance is free.