Date: 04/10/2017

Schneider Electric Celebrates 15 Years in Serbia and Montenegro

Schneider Electric, one of the world's leaders in energy management and automation, is celebrating 15 years of operations in Serbia and Montenegro.

Since the company's founding in the region, Schneider Electric has built a business model based on the principle of partner network and the engagement of local companies. Today, the company gathers over 70 companies and three licensed partners with production facilities in Serbia supporting more than 3,000 jobs through its own and partners'

"For decades, our business has been characterized by a specific business model, created with the idea of engaging and encouraging the local economy. We are proud of our licensed partners who have adopted and applied modern technologies, and with specific expertise, initially created for the purpose of cooperation with Schneider Electric, managed to expand their operations and operations in the region," said Dejan Marković, General manager for Serbia and Montenegro.

A successful business year in Serbia for Schneider Electric included participation in projects such as the construction of the Hilton hotel in Belgrade, supplying power equipment as well as the SmartStruxture solution that enables monitoring, measurement and optimization of the performance of the building. The year of our jubilee was marked by cooperation with Kromberg & Schubert, the participation in the construction of LIDL facilities in cities throughout Serbia, the installation of equipment in the business building of GTC Fortyone, as well as construction of the most important tourist complexes in Montenegro - Kumbor and Porto Novi. In addition, the company recently supplied chargers for electric vehicles that were installed in a reconstructed garage on Obilićev Venac. These chargers comply with all international and local standards and have both Green Premium and Eco Passport certificates. The chargers have been developed in conjunction with manufacturers of electric vehicles such as Volkswagen, BMV and Renault.

In addition to this, Schneider Electric DMS NS, which develops software solutions for smart grids and is one of four world centers of Schneider Electric for research, development and production of software for optimal distribution of electricity. Following the successful development and production of ADMS software for optimal distribution of electricity, DMS NS expanded its operations in the area of AGMS gas management software development, and the first solutions were delivered to Gasunie in The Netherlands.

SE presented the EcoStruxure platform, based on the technology of the Interne, and this platform serves as a basis for analysis, management, guidance and automation and provides greater value to consumers of various market segments.