Date: 09/10/2017

Synergy of the Corporate Sector and Community Startups

AmCham member companies learned more about various types of cooperation with the ICT Hub and startups. And through the example of Societe Generale Bank to view concrete projects that this type of business connection has brought.

Dušan Vukanović from ICT Hub opened the event, referring to the main principles of startup companies' operations and the differences in relation to corporations, their focus, goals, main challenges and vision of large companies. Explaining that startups are the main target of solving the problem, and not the product itself, Vukanović pointed out that involving startup with large corporations is a powerful weapon that can achieve mutual goals. Cooperation is a core interest - startup companies communicate with consumers and in this way better match the needs of consumers with their business. Also, while a large corporation is burdened with numerous procedures, the startup is able to act quickly, efficiently and easily to change the status quo. The basic postulate of the startup is "Show, do not speak!" This is one of the differences in relation to large corporations. The point is to put a small product on the market and further develop it on the go.
After the introductory presentation, Vuk Kosovac, Executive Director for Marketing at Societe Generale Serbia, pointed out that the most essential element of cooperation with startups is the inclusion of startup teams in development projects of the bank.

Moderator of the interview was Miloš Stojković, from Živković & Samardžić Law Office and Leader of the AmCham Digital Economy Regulatory Stream. Vukanović noted that, if necessary, the corporation has set up a wide range in which the startup is free to move and expand. Understanding the way of starting up is also necessary in order to make cooperation more successful. He informed the attendees that their cooperation was underway and that the barrels of consumer satisfaction and red-hot arrows from the red zone had turned into green.

Attendees had the opportunity to ask questions and to learn more about this topic.