Date: 19/10/2017

The Continuation of Cooperation between the Economy and the Government Is Crucial for the Improvement of the Business Environment

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić and representatives of AmCham member companies concluded that the continuation of cooperation between the Government and the private sector is the key to implementing priority reforms aimed at creating a stable, transparent and predictable business environment.

"Thanks to the fiscal consolidation measures that have been implemented over the past three years, we have a stable base on which to build, and it is our duty to use it. The dialogue between the economy and the government is necessary for improving the business environment, and therefore for attracting more foreign investors and economic growth. Hence, in the following period, we will be open for cooperation and constructive criticism. In addition to extensive consultation with all interested, the key steps towards increasing our competitiveness are comprehensive digitization and education reform, without which we will not be able to achieve sustainable development in the long run, "said Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić.

"Encouraged by the positive results of the previous joint work, we expect the continuation of the cooperation with the Prime Minister Brnabić's Government. Today, we have pointed out to the Prime Minister that the economy would be more important for the economy to become involved in legislative processes starting from the preparatory phase. Many laws are passed through an urgent procedure and without public debate, and it is very important that the Government provide a mandatory and broad public debate for all stakeholders. It is encouraging that, according to the Prime Minister, this problem will finally become a past, "said the chairman of the AmCham Board of Directors, Zoran Petrović.

As an independent business association, AmCham had a very constructive dialogue with the Government in the previous period, and a fifteen-year partnership, which is reflected in cooperation on the development of over 200 different regulations, has continued - in recent times since the amendments to the Labor Law through the adoption of the Law on Planning and Construction and the Law on Inspection control. Participants agreed that these legal solutions significantly influenced the revival of economic activity, but also on Serbia's progress on world-relevant lists, such as the World Bank's Business Report.

"In the previous period, Serbia has become a significant investment destination in this part of Europe, which is also shown on the example of investments of US companies that invested four billion dollars in Serbia. When it comes to further improvement of the business environment, we can be promising, but at the same time we notice that there are challenges that businesses face - unfair competition, parafiscal charges and legal insecurity. For this reason, the cooperation between the Government and business sector is very important, both for the progress and growth of companies and for future investments, "said US Ambassador Kyle Scott.

Participants welcomed the government's efforts to reform and digitize state administration and stressed the support for the announced formation of the National Academy for Vocational Training. In order to make our country more attractive for domestic and foreign investments, it is necessary to continue with the reform of the state administration and reduction of administrative procedures and para-fiscal charges. The importance of a fundamental and well-thought-out reform of the health system is emphasized, with the creation of a clear and stimulating tax policy and raising the efficiency of the judiciary.