Date: 21/09/2017

AmCham Grey Economy- Regulatory and Implementation Bottlenecks in Fighting Illicit Trade on the Internet

After separate meetings with representatives of Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications and representatives of Trade Inspections, AmCham had a meeting with Branko Stamenković, Special Prosecutor at the High-Tech Crime Department, to discuss regulatory and implementation bottlenecks in fighting illicit trade on the internet.

It was suggested to organize a meeting at the beginning of October, attracting representatives of all relevant state authorities and the private sector affected by online illicit trade (primarily the tobacco and medicines industry) to reach a consensus on the existing authority gaps, overlaps and next steps that need to be undertaken in order to combat illicit trade on the internet. The idea is to form a special working group within the Prosecutor’s Office which would deal with cases of organized illegal trade on the internet and coordinate activities with relevant inspections.