Date: 09/11/2017

Smart Trio: What is Excellence and How to Develop It?

What is excellence and how it is important for advancement on a personal and professional level were some of the issues discussed at the latest Smart Trio gathering.

The Smart Trio session, organized on the topic of ‘’Excellence“ and held at the StartIt Centre, attracted representatives of AmCham company members, who, while tasting wines from Erdevik winery, had the opportunity to learn what excellence means for our guests and how we can use it on a personal as well as on a professional level.

The panelists for the discussion, were Jelena Pavlović, First Vice President of the AmCham Board of Management and CEO of Philip Morris International for Southeastern Europe, Srđan Ognjanović, Director of the Mathematical Grammar School in Belgrade, and Ivan Dragošan, Serbia Country Director of Symphony. This Smart Trio session was moderated by Nikolaos Dimitriadis, Regional Director of Sheffield University.

Jelena Pavlović explained that excellence is at the basis of all progress in business and in life in general, and added that it is composed of a synergy of talent, creativity and dedicated work. “I think about excellence as an approach to life and an effort to move our own boundaries, but excellence in business and private life cannot be achieved without hard work and effort,” she emphasized.

Ivan Dragošan also spoke about excellence in business, pointing out that talent and excellence are very important criteria when selecting personnel and noting the huge number of exceptional individuals in the Balkans. Ivan believes that excellence begins in school days, and that our country abounds with talented young people who need to be provided with the opportunity to further develop their talent and nurture their excellence. “ The key values that we should strive for is not just to keep young talents in this country and provide them with work space and further professional development and improvement, but also to bring those who have left the country back.”

Srđan Ognjanović was also in agreement, relating his experience working with brilliant young people, illustrating excellence through his students’ successes and recognition. “Throughout my career I have been fortunate to be surrounded by young and talented people who, besides achieving excellent results in school, are also excellent in extracurricular activities - sports or music. What we have to do is first to identify the potential and to provide the opportunity and space to young and talented people. They would, through hard work and effort, achieve excellent results and excellence on a professional level,” Ognjanović concluded.