Date: 14/11/2017

HR Forum: Gamification in HR

The latest HR Forum meeting was dedicated to the introduction of gamification in the HR sector and its presentation as an alternative approach to learning and mastering business skills based on the example of Philip Morris International.

As one of the first steps, that Philip Morris that PMI made in the opening towards digitalization was the introduction of gamification in HR and mastering coaching skills. Ivana Injac, Manager of Commercial Organization Development at PMI, pointed out that the basic motivation for applying gamification was the introduction of coaching culture into a large organization. With the help of gamification, employees can interactively learn and adopt the basic principles of coaching. Gamification--learning through games--includes various tasks and scenarios that employees must solve in order to collect points and receive quick feedback on their score.

As a result of cooperation between PMI and students of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences of the University of Belgrade, a company game Coachonaut was created. The game was designed as a journey through the galaxy and transition from planet to planet.The concept of this game was divided into two parts –the first part represents learning about coaching. Each employee, with the previous choice of his imaginary visual identity, goes through lessons and exercises, and collect the points necessary for moving to another level. In the second part, employees have the opportunity to practice new knowledge in a variety of situations. In this way, this game represents a symbiosis of classroom training and online training. Although the initial idea was that this game would be provided only by team managers and team leaders, the target group was expanded so that each employee could also learn and practice coaching skills with the help of the game.

The user experience of PMI employees who finished the game was extremely positive because they valued this alternative approach to learning as extremely successful. The most positive characteristics were the usability and accessibility of the application, the existence of a story and options to save notes and fast feedback.