Date: 26/07/2018

Presentation of the 'Remote Year' Program

During the presentation of the 'Remote Year' Program, participants had the opportunity to find out more about this innovative program, and to get to know better the business environment of Serbia from different perspectives.

Branislav Savić, AmCham Vice President, presented the organization, management, accomplishments and the ways AmCham is improving the business environment in Serbia. Afterwards, Vukašin Stojkov, co-founder of the StartIt Center, briefly presented the organization and highlighted its main objective. the advancement of the digital and technological scene of Serbia, like sustainable networking with the corporative environment of our country.

Erica Lurie, the program leader, presented 'Remote Year' by explaining that it is a way of working and travelling at the same time. The participants have a chance to be in a new city every month, and to learn more about the local business environment, traditions and culture. 'Remote Year' attempts to leave a positive influence in each city.

Finally, Dominick Cabai, a program member, explained how and why he participated in the program, which activities he liked the best and how the overall experience of exchanging ideas with other participants and staying in different regions affected his professional development.