Date: 23/11/2018

Safe by Choice

Representatives of AmCham members in the health and safety at work sector exchanged experiences and discussed new trends in the area.

The conclusion of this presentation and workshop was that safety is a matter of choice and control: the implementation of safety measures and often training; it is not just routine.

The Eagle’s Fight program, Safe by Choice, was originally designed in Canada and has been used all over the world for more than 5 years in various industries. It is dedicated to refreshing and empowering companies’ existing safety procedures.

It was emphasized that safety depends not only on one’s personal relationship with safety challenges, but also on the team and other people, while every incident is under someone’s control at any moment. This means that it is not possible to be completely safe if we rely only on personal safety.

Since zero tolerance of risk is necessary, while an important problem in the domain of safety standards is collateral damage, where someone’s inappropriate behavior affects other people’s safety, advising someone about their unsafe behavior is not interfering in their expertise; advice or suggestions about safety can and should be given by anyone.

Participants stated some of the factors that require a higher level of attention at work, such as a lack of concentration, climate, the use of equipment, long work hours, stress and a lack of trained staff. Also, by doing a practical task participants were once more convinced of the importance of communicating and complying with safety procedures.

The presentation and workshop were led by Pavel Panov from Bulgarian company In Your Hands, in collaboration with consulting agency 2DO from Belgrade.