Date: 26/10/2018

GSK (GlaxoSmithCline) – volunteering program "Orange Day"

GSK’s traditional corporate volunteering program "Orange Day" is organized with an aim to raise awareness on the importance of creating equal conditions for all our fellow citizens.

In the Soup kitchen in Francuska street, volunteers took part in preparing and serving meals for the poorest fellow citizens. For many of them, the food they receive in the Soup Kitchen are the only meal that they have during the day. With the additional support of GSK in providing food supplies, the initiative was focused on motivating both companies and individuals to support sustainability of work of Soup kitchen work through volunteer engagement or in the form of donations.

In the other part of the city - Zvezdara, GSK’s employees volunteered to equip the newly established premises of Association of Persons with Disabilities "Everything is Possible", while providing donations in the form of furniture. Thanks to the furnishing of the rooms, the association will be able to gather members within numerous sports-recreational activities, education and other initiatives aiming to contributing to their social inclusion.

"Orange Day allows us to get out of our everyday business environment and give a personal contribution to solving problems in a community in which we live and work ourselves”, said Sanja Panjesković from GSK.