Date: 24/01/2019

Welcoming New Members Cocktail

During 2018, the AmCham family was extended by 18 companies. In an informal atmosphere, member company’s representatives that joined AmCham during the last year met Board members, the executive office team and other newly joined colleagues.

Jelena Pavlović, AmCham President, briefly described the 18 years of AmCham history, our mission and vision and the support and services that AmCham provides for its members. She specifically highlighted highly active cooperation with the Government of the Republic of Serbia on making strategies, laws and politics that contribute to the improvement of regulatory framework of economy.

The AmCham President singled out education platforms and programs that AmCham is carrying out, dedicated to development and professional improvement of member company employees. She concluded that member companies have chosen AmCham to magnify their voice, inspire their excellence and connect for business growth.

“In 2018. AmCham turned 18, and today we celebrate the fact that during the last year our membership surpassed 200 companies, which is a record number of members since the creation of AmCham”, emphasized Pavlović.

Companies that extended AmCham network in 2018. are: