Date: 07/06/2019

AmChamps 2019 – Kopaonik team building

The traditional AmChamps team building event has been held at Kopaonik for the sixth time running, in collaboration with MK Group.

Program participants attended a lecture, ”One vision, smart decisions”,  given by Dušan Radičević, CFO of MK Group, who explained the structure, organization and work of MK Group and the synergy of every individual part of the company. He also presented in detail how finances are run in a large company like MK Group, and AmChamps participants received answers to all their questions.

MK Group HR Director Zorica Todorović gave another lecture, ”Why us?”, in which she presented the process of selection and recruitment to participants, explaining the importance of looking at candidates’ values as well as the strength of their will to learn, grow and develop. To this end, MK Group has established collaboration with several faculties, as well as providing scholarships for certain groups of the most successful students. Ms Todorović emphasized that the greatest focus is on investment in employees, and that the company is always open and available to the various perspectives, opinions and aspirations of its employees, because they are the core of every company.

The second day of team building saw AmChamps participants participate in an interactive workshop on the power of feedback, held by Boris Popovski from the U.S. Embassy, where participants got an insight into the importance of giving and receiving positive and constructive feedback, as well as receiving useful information on how to implement a culture of giving feedback and the importance of feedback to the development of interpersonal skills.
AmChamps participants also participated in several collaborative activities during the team building event, including bowling, hiking to Pančićev Vrh and performing music.