Date: 30/05/2019

AmChamps 2019 - Neuromarketing, Success and CSR

AmChamps participants attended a Neuromarketing presentation held by Nikolaos Dimitriadis from Sheffield University, as well as a lecture on Success and Corporate Social Responsibility held by Radivoje Petrikić from CMS Reich-Rohrwig Heinz Law Office, alongside Branislav Knežević from McDonald’s.

Nikolaos Dimitriadis presented the basis of neuromarketing to participants, pointing out that it offers predictability in business relations, since it explains the internal trigger in the user’s neural system. By using information collected through a variety of neural system research, scientist have connected the role of the subconscious, the emotions and the internal information trigger to various strategies and approaches used to create marketing campaigns.
AmChamps participants also visited the CMS Reich-Rohrwig Heinz Law Office, where, after a brief office visit, they attended a lecture on success and corporate social responsibility.

Radivoje Petrikić and Branislav Knežević presented the background, organization and manner of business of their companies, as well as the differences between the work of a law office and an international company. They also shared their career paths and visions of success with participants. Finally, they used concrete examples to present the basis of corporate social responsibility for their companies, as well as the importance of implementing CSR into a company’s business and ways of doing so.