Date: 11/06/2019

WineCham: A symphony of food and wine pairing in five movements

The seventh WineCham event has been held at the Jeremic Winery in Smederevo.

After a tour through the winery and barrel hall, where guests were introduced to the terroir of the Smederevo wine region, the grape assortment and the production process, AmCham President Jelena Pavlović greeted guests and expressed her contentment at the contribution made by WineCham gatherings to the promotion of Serbian wine culture.

Emphasizing that every wine resembles its producer and represents its spiritual and characteristic value, Jeremić winery owner Slavoljub Saša Jeremić informed guests about his family’s decades-long tradition of winemaking and viticulture. He also briefly explained food pairing with five wine labels derived from this Smederevo vineyard:

1. Cold cuts: three types of prosciutto accompanied by cheese from Pag island, goat cheese matured in red wine and homemade smoked cheese on rocket salad & SONATA 2018 - Sauvignon Blanc

2. Duck pâté with horseradish lemon sauce and cream cheese bruschetta & SONATA ICONE 2017 - Sauvignon Blanc, fermented and aged in oak barrels

3. Beef Tagliata on gnocchi in truffle sauce & RONDO 2018 – Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot/Malbec

4. Cannelloni alla bolognese & KANON 2016 Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon

5. Choco sphere made of Belgian chocolate and sprinkled with cognac & MERLOT TERROIRE 2016

The event was organized in partnership with WineQ - Wine Culture Center.