Date: 06/06/2019

Coca-Cola HBC Serbia: An even better contribution to the community and the environment

Coca Cola HBC Serbia has presented a report on sustainable development and new goals with an accent on reducing the impact of packaging.

As part of the presentation of its 2018 results in the area of sustainability, Coca-Cola HBC Serbia has announced new objectives and plans aimed at making an additional contribution to environmental protection and community development by 2025. As well as preserving natural resources and reducing their use, as well as making further investments in society, the company will focus on reducing the impact of packaging by seeking to achieve the following three objectives by 2025:

• 100% recyclable packaging,
• up to 35% of PET packaging from recycled material
• collection of 75% of its product packaging.

“Our extensive heritage tells us that the Coca-Cola HBC family remains successful only when we change and when we are part of positive changes. As the sustainability leader in the beverage production sector, we have been striving to improve the quality of life in Serbia for a half a century and we are moving forward proudly to attain new goals. Our role is highly significant and responsible and we are therefore certain that we will make major progress as a company, contributing to even more efficient waste management and a reduced environmental footprint,” noted Svetoslav Atanasov, General Manager of Coca-Cola HBC Serbia, at the presentation of the company’s 6th Sustainability Report.

The new goals also refer to Serbia, where the company invested 41 million dinars in community support programs last year alone, with employees volunteering for more than 850 hours. The company has reduced water usage by as much as 53 percent in the last decade, with overall energy consumption per liter of beverage produced cut by 52 percent in the same period. More than 3000 young people have gained new knowledge and experience with the Coca-Cola Youth platform, with 256 of them landing a job. As the most desirable employer among youth, the company offers a stimulating working environment for its employees, as confirmed by an employee loyalty rate of up to 92 percent.

Furthermore, the company’s commitment to its partners and to market development has led to it being recognized as the number one supplier in Serbia. A 25 percent reduction in the total number of calories in beverages is also planned.