Date: 25/09/2019

HR Happy Hours: Power Struggle at the Labor Market

The first HR Happy Hours session, hosted by ManpowerGroup Serbia, which focused on Power Struggles in the Labor Market, took place in an atmosphere of open and transparent discussion and produced valuable results.

What the best companies have to offer in order to rank as the best workplaces, how to manage labor shortages and what the most valuable soft skills are were some of the focus points introduced to us by Business Development Manager Nemanja Nikolić.

The best employers are those rated as flexible by employees and those who take care of workers' satisfaction. Research shows that the best way to motivate employees is to make them feel recognized and valued in the workplace. In order to strike a balance between the needs of the employee and the employer, it is recommended to encourage a corporate culture that stimulates employee recognition and reputation – strategies for introducing flexible working hours, additional vacation days and various types of non-monetary rewards.

Professional Placement Manager Sladjana Erić introduced us to HR trends in the local market such as: 1) continuous arrival of international companies, bringing specific cultures and ways of working with them; 2) profiling of new positions in the labor market; 3) new requirements set by candidates; 4) flexible working hours; 5) labor migration from the region to developed countries: and 6) digitization of HR operations.
Erić emphasized the importance of candidate experience in the hiring process, confirming that candidates who have a good experience in the recruitment process are more likely to apply again for positions at the same company and to recommend the employer to other candidates.

In the last part of the workshop, Solutions-Delivery Team Lead Nikolina Janković introduced us to the challenges of the local labor market and outlined how they can be overcome. As it is recognized that the greatest challenges in our market are the lack of a competent workforce and the education system’s failure to match the needs of commerce, employers are advised to try to solve this problem by offering above-market conditions for the best candidates and investing in the potential and development of the young.