Date: 17/08/2020

Coca-Cola HBC Serbia reduces water consumption by 53.8 percent

Coca-Cola HBC Serbia cut the quantity of water it uses to produce one litre of beverage by 53.8 percent to 2019, whilst reducing overall energy consumption per litre of beverage by 52 percent

In 2019 alone, Coca-Cola HBC Serbia invested more than 36 million dinars (over 280,000 euros) in community development projects. The beverage maker is also aiming to reduce the environmental impact of its packaging by increasing recycled content and reducing weight.

The company has saved 295 tonnes of PET plastics in 2019 alone and is well on track to achieving its target of sourcing 35 percent of its packaging from recycled PET by 2025 and collecting 75 percent of its primary packaging.

Coca-Cola HBC Serbia has long been recognised as one of the country’s most desirable employers, offering its staff a stimulating working environment together with equal opportunities and chances for professional development, as evidenced by the company’s Employee Loyalty Index score of 90 percent.